• A simple but incredibly powerful step you can take TODAY to begin creating extraordinary results in your health, relationships, career or business, and finances.
  • The proven secrets Bob normally only shares with his high-level clients on how to open the floodgates to greater abundance in your life – it all starts in your own mind!
  • Your future is unwritten – Why your current results, including what’s currently in your bank account, do NOT dictate how far you can go and how high you can rise in your life.
  • What a PARADIGM is, why it may have been blocking your success for years without you even realizing it, and how you can re-pattern it so you can start seeing the results you want in your life with greater ease and speed!
  • The Abundance Factor: The transformational principle that took Bob from earning $4,000 a year and being $6,000 in debt, to now making millions and changing lives all over the world – and how you can apply this principle to your life, too!
  • How to TUNE OUT all of the craziness that may be going on around you, including the opinions of other people, so that you can more easily TUNE IN to what your inner guidance system is telling you about what direction to move in next.
  • An effective way to eliminate procrastination and instead, make clear, confident decisions quickly and easily – this is the “secret sauce” that will propel you to new heights of success and fulfillment in all areas of your life!
  • How to shift your perception of TIME, so that you’re able to accomplish more in less time, and without all of the hard work and struggle.
Bob Proctor Interview Transcript
  • The proven 3-step process Sonia followed to BOUNCE BACK BIG from financial and emotional rock bottom to where she is today – living a life of freedom, fulfillment and abundance, and making a meaningful difference in the world!
  • How to find the silver lining in any adversity (there always is one!)... so that you can move through life’s challenges more quickly, easily and powerfully than ever before.
  • The secrets to elevating your vibration to the frequency of peace, joy and gratitude so you can begin attracting more of what you would love to experience into your life.
  • The simple steps to uncovering your hidden limiting beliefs, so that you can begin to re-pattern them and transform your results in any area of your life that you choose.
  • The #1 most powerful way to set a clear intention for what you would love to create in your life, allowing you to more easily step through doorways of opportunity to create a more vibrant, happier life!
  • How to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind so that you can free yourself from disempowering thought patterns and habits that may have been blocking your success for years without you even realizing it!
  • The secret to living from the truth of “this too shall pass,” even if you’re facing adversity that seems really hard right now, so that you’re more easily able to move through challenging situations with greater ease.
  • A powerful way to mine valuable life lessons from times of adversity, so that you can turn your obstacles into stepping stones for greater success.
  • Sonia’s “50 Shades of Gratitude,” and how you can use them to more quickly shift into a vibrational state of gratitude that will empower you to feel more positive and hopeful, and bring your best self to each and every day.
  • How to bounce right out of “someday” – if you’ve ever put your dreams on the “someday shelf,” Sonia will show you how to dust those dreams off and begin transforming them into reality NOW!
Sonia Ricotti Interview Transcript
  • What Emotional Freedom Technique is (also known as “tapping”), why everyone is talking about it, and how it can help YOU create a happier, healthier, more abundant and stress-free life.
  • A very powerful way to break through your personal success blocks so you can move through life feeling less stress and way more inspiration, joy and passion!
  • Wisdom of the Ancients: A simple process you can master that will help you begin moving any dream you have in any area of our life into your reality.
  • How to empower yourself to move past your biggest fears and challenges, so that you can accelerate toward your goals and dreams – you’ll be surprised just how quickly this proven technique WORKS.
  • Why you already have the power within you to make an AMAZING difference in other people’s lives, and by means of this, exponentially enrich your own life too. (You won’t want to miss this!)
  • The most effective way to shift your relationship to failure and quiet the voice of your inner critic, so that you can begin experiencing greater confidence and peace of mind starting NOW.
  • How to align with the invisible side of success, so you can speed through the “green lights” of life and quantum leap into the dream life you’ve always wanted.
  • The secret to avoiding DISTRACTION, so that you are no longer deterred from taking action toward manifesting your goals when it comes to relationships, money, business, career or any other area of your life!
Nick Ortner Interview Transcript
  • The 7 principles that all highly successful people have in common, and how you can begin applying them to create extraordinary results in all areas of your life!
  • How to “make friends” with your FEAR – what you resist persists! So rather than trying to get your fears to go away, Harv will teach you how to EMBRACE your fears and (like highly successful people) still take action in the presence of it.
  • Why the highest value in life is FREEDOM and how to create more freedom in your relationships, career or business, and time and money freedom quicker and easier than you ever imagined possible.
  • What “Full Spectrum Success” is and why understanding this and move toward it is the secret to experiencing true peace of mind and fulfillment in life – this is a GIFT that you give to yourself and the ones you love.
  • The KEY to managing TIME, and with this key you’re able to supercharge the results of your life, every day, by accomplishing more in less time, and without the struggle!
  • The most powerful way highly successful people create opportunities and avoid obstacles that you can immediately employ today and begin to see the results you would love!
  • The secret to identifying incredible mentors – All highly successful people have at least one mentor. Do you? Harv will show you how to easily find great mentors who will help you elevate your income and your results in all other areas of your life, too.
  • What “The Law of Averages” is, and why NOT knowing this may be costing you from generating all of the abundance you’d truly love in your life.
Harv Eker Interview Transcript
  • How to inject your dreams with EMOTION, the key that activates the process of transforming them from the realm of imagination into your living, breathing reality faster and easier than you ever imagined possible!
  • The essential secrets to visualizing success that will empower you to 10X your ability to hold a clear vision for what you would love to have, do or be in your mind, no matter what challenging circumstances you may find yourself in!
  • How to push the “failure is not an option” button in the area of time and money freedom, so that you’re able to create greater financial abundance and increase the amount of leisure time with greater speed and ease.
  • FIVE powerful types of affirmations that you can use to shift your mind, body and entire being into a frequency of abundance, so that you can create extraordinary results in your health, relationships, career or business and finances.
  • How activating your Power of Awareness will cause golden opportunities that may be right in front of you to finally make themselves known to you, so that you can go ahead and grab those opportunities before they disappear!
  • The incredible power of LETTING GO – Surrendering to not knowing HOW the things you desire will happen or show up in your life, so you open yourself up to the Universe delivering your dreams to you in surprising and miraculous ways!
  • What to do when the people in your life DON’T support you or your personal growth journey, so that you can still move forward and be the champion of your amazing future self!
  • The secret to success that many highly successful people swear by, including how you can apply it to YOUR life to take any situation you currently find yourself in from good to GREAT!!
Natalie Ledwell Interview Transcript
  • How to build a bridge to understanding what works in your life (and what doesn’t), so you can use this empowering new awareness to have MORE of your life work the way you’d love it to!
  • The Power of Words – words that can lift you up and words that can destroy your confidence and dreams – and how to shift your languaging so that you immediately begin speaking more words that empower you.
  • The #1 most effective way to move through challenges, no matter how difficult things may seem, you can use your “deep down resolve” so the universe will intervene and honor you!
  • A simple but powerful process you can use to create a clear vision for what you would love in the area of relationships, health, business, career, or time and money freedom – you have way more resources at your disposal than you may be aware of.
  • The simple but truly paradigm-shifting lesson that Les’ famous mentor taught him that, if YOU apply it to your life, will set you free to live life FULLY on your own terms.
  • How to transform anything you perceive as a setback… into a comeback!You CAN bounce back quickly and easily when life knocks you down, and Les will show you how.
  • The secret to becoming what Les calls “self-definitional” – how to define yourself as a smart, successful, confident person, despite the difficulties you have faced in the past or may be facing now. You can become a conqueror!
  • How to quiet your mental chitter chatter, so that you can get out of your head, live from your heart and follow your dreams!
  • The little-known method that highly successful people use to eliminate distraction and stay FOCUSED on transforming their dreams into reality... and how you can use it to stay focused on what is going on in your world, and not everyone else’s!
Les Brown Interview Transcript
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